Angerme (アンジュルム) – Akai Earphone (赤いイヤホン) – Red Earphone – Lyrics (歌詞歌割:日本語/English)

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Lyric video created by Project 9:10.

I do not own anything. The song and the images presented in this lyric video are rightfully owned by Hello! Project (Up-Front Group).

The name I placed at the center part of the lyric video is the group/artist name, “Angerme”.

Apps I used for creating this lyric video:

BeFunky (site) – for the collage
Photoshop (desktop) – for black and white effect
PowerPoint (desktop) – for combining lyrics/photos/colors, to create the frames
PowerDirector (mobile) – for syncing audio with frames


Hello! Project (Up-Front Group)

Cafe Kica



Group/Artist: Angerme


日本語: 赤いイヤホン
Romaji: Akai Earphone
English: Red Earphone


Wada Ayaka
Nakanishi Kana
Takeuchi Akari
Katsuta Rina
Kawamura Ayano
Murota Mizuki
Sasaki Rikako
Kamikokuryou Moe
Kasahara Momona
Funaki Musubu
Oota Haruka
Ise Reira


Angerme lyric video playlist:


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